Staff Reunion December 2008.

Staff  Reunion 10th December 2008 at the Bistro
East, Openshaw,  Manchester  College

There was a great turnout of 35 staff for the Christmas dinner, 
our fourth successful occasion  at the College. 

The Principal of the College Peter Tavernor dropped in for a short visit 
and we would like to thank him for providing the facilities.  

A large vote of thanks must also go to Roy Perrin who coordinated
the reunion with the College.

Finally,thanks to the Bistro management,staff and students for the 
delicious traditional Christmas dinner and excellent service.
On a sad note we were sorry to hear of the deaths of Les Hitchens 
and Tony Southern in the last few months.

Staff attending the reunion.

       Peter Barlow            Norman Bede              David Botham                         
       Ralph Bramwell          Harry Burgoyne           Bill Delaney          
       Brian Dixon             David Fox                Graham Gaskell           
       Alan Harding            Jim Hill                 Kevin Holmes    
       Leighton Hughes         Joe Joseph               David Marsh
       Bill McGuffie           Cliff Mooney             Peter Mooney 
       Derek Munt              Albert Newbrook          John Owen                   
       Roy Perrin              Arnold Powell            Bob Prest                 
       John Pritchard          Jack Redston             Peter Smith              
       Colin Smith             George Taylor            Bill Thompson             
       Bryan Titchett          Alan Whitehead           Donald Wood              
       Edward Wood             Roger Wood

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