Staff Reunion December 2012.

Staff Reunion December 2012

The Christmas reunion was held again at the Bistro East, Openshaw and it was a huge success
with 33 colleagues attending. 

A big thanks - again,to Roy Perrin for the superb work in coordinating and arranging the event with the college.
Unfortunately Roy  had broken his hip a few weeks ago but did turn up with the aid of a Zimmer frame. 
Also thanks to Peter Mooney and Ralph Bramwell for helping and transporting Roy to the college and back home. 
We wish Roy a very speedy and total recovery.

We would like to thank the restaurant manager and staff for the excellent service 
and delicious traditional Christmas meal. 

The names of those attending are shown below. 

P Barlow               D Munt                                                  
D Botham               J Owen 
R Bramwell             M Perkin        
H Burgoyne             R Perrin          
Joe Cieszynski         R Prest        
J Chatterton           J Pritchard        
W Delaney              J Rackstraw           
G Gaskell              J Redston          
J Hill                 P Smith
K Holmes               M Southern
J Joseph               D Suter 
M Logan                W Thompson  
W McGuffie             B Titchett
D Mckee                A Whitehead
I Miller               D.W Wood      
C Mooney               D Wood
P Mooney 

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