A Tribute to Doug Turner

Further to the Church Service for Doug Turner on the 27th of Aug 2004, the following is,
a Tribute by his good friend and colleague Joe Rackstraw.

Douglas Turner.

A Yorkshire man who became a naturalised Lancastrian.

He joined the College Staff in the year 1959.
During his time at the College he served the Staff as secretary of NATFE. He held a
post in which he excelled and was a very good representative for the College Staff.

With the help of Doug's expertise a group of students sectionalised an ex Isle of Man
Railway Engine. He spent a great deal of his own time on the Project. Without Doug
it is doubtful that it would have been completed to its present stage. It now has
pride of place in the Science Museum. (you can see a picture of Doug and his engine
in the Archive pages of this site) Doug was disappointed that the College did not
receive any recognition for the part which it had played in the project.

Doug was a very good engineer and was responsible for the establishing a
Model Engineering Course at the College. This proved to be an asset, since when he
retired, he spent much of his time in his garage workshop. He built several marvellous
working models of steam railway engines.

Douglas was a good man always ready to help. The salt of the earth.


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