A Tribute to Jack Redston

We last saw Jack at our 2013 Christmas staff reunion about two weeks before his death.
With hindsight he did look pale, possibly still recovering from his illness the year before.

Jack has been a fervent supporter of our reunions always enlivening us with a witty and funny story.
He will be sorely missed at our reunions and by all the staff he worked with.

A tribute from David Botham.

Although generally attributed to the American Psychological Association (1907) as the first academic institute to endorse continuing education there were very few who had the vision and courage to apply such innovative education in the UK like Jack Redston.

During the 1970's and up until his retirement, he had the unique ability to transfer his conceptual insights of innovative education into practical realities to those that had the privilege of working alongside of him.

There are few who would disagree that Jack had a natural gravitas towards educational and social research despite his previous technical background.His impressive spectrum of ability he freely made available to all his fellow colleagues thus making Manchester one of the world's most powerful educational hubs.

He truly believed, as did the philosopher, the late John Macmurray that:"All meaningful knowledge is for the sake of action; and all meaningful action is for the sake of friendship".

We all celebrate and cherish the memories of the great John Albert Redston.

David Botham

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