Eddie Wood 1922 - 2011.

A tribute to my friend and colleague by John Chatterton.
Eddie spent his early working life at sea and in the Engineering industry. Having a technical qualification he became a mature student with young apprentices at Openshaw Technical College. As many retired staff affirm joining the College was and is a beacon in our lives. Not many ex-students who became staff left for better jobs or more money, Openshaw was our lives. Being older than his class mates Eddie had to work hard to return to study. Maths was particularly difficult and his teacher was Jack Thornton ! Jack wanted to crack on and expected his students to know basic algebra. However, Eddie put his hand up and requested an explanation. It was explained that letters such as "x" and "y" could be used to represent numbers and speaking about circles, we used Pi, so said Jack to Eddie,what do we get when multiplying 2 by 3Pi ? "Apple Pie" said Eddie. Jack was not pleased. Eddie was full of fun but in a very dry manner. Eddie was responsible for refrigeration courses, which became very successful. He is well known and respected amongst many companies across Manchester, many of which are owned and staffed by his ex-students. He was very proud of these courses and protective of all his students. He kept an eye on any other teacher who took a class on one of his courses - they had to do it right. He was particularly good at technical drawing and had good blackboard skills. On one occasion he was teaching electrical circuits and drew an electrical bell circuit on the board, and after explaining the operation he pressed the push button and exactly at that moment the college bell sounded. The lads were amazed but Eddie just carried on without a flicker on his face in his usual dry manner. There are many happy memories of our time together. Eddie, you will be missed but always rememberd. Thank you for your friendship and the many happy times together. John.

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