Staff Reunion July 2008.

Reunion on 11th July 2008 at the Openshaw Campus

It was a very successful and enjoyable reunion with 37 attending. 

We would like to thank Roy Perrin and Ian Nuttall for coordinating the event 
and the restaurant staff for the excellent meal and service.   

     Those attended.

                     Peter Barlow            Ralph Bramwell           Ken Bromley 
                     Arthur Brown            Harry Burgoyne           John Chatterton 
                     Joe Cieszynski          Anne Corrie              Bill Delaney
                     Brian Dixon             Graham Gaskell           Alan Harding
                     Jim Hill                Roy Hollingworth         Mrs.Hollingworth 
                     Kevin Holmes            Leighton Hughes          Joe Joseph 
                     David Marsland          Cliff Mooney             Peter Mooney 
                     Derek Munt              John Owen                Mike Perkin   
                     Roy Perrin              Bob Prest                John Pritchard  
                     Joe Rackstraw           Jack Redston             Joe Smith 
                     Bill Thompson           Jack Thornton            Brian Titchett 
                     Derek Wood              Donald Wood              Eddie Wood 
                     Roger Wood

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