Staff Reunion June 2012.

Staff Reunion June 2012

The June reunion at the Bistro East, Openshaw was held earlier this summer with 30 colleagues attending. 
We would like to thank the restaurant manager and staff for the excellent service and delicious meal.

A big thanks - again, to Roy Perrin for the superb work in coordinating and arranging the event with the college.

The names of those attending are shown below.   

P Barlow                J Owen    
R Bramwell              M Perkin 
W Burgess               R Perrin           
H Burgoyne              J Rackstraw
J Chatterton            J Redston 
G Gaskell               P Smith               
J Hill                  E Stanley
K Holmes                D Suter
M Logan                 G Taylor
D Marsland              B Titchett 
D Marsh                 W Thompson
I Miller                A Whitehead 
C Mooney                D Wood 
P Mooney                D.W Wood        
D Munt                  R Wood


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