Mike Perkin.

25.08.1948 - 07.12.2014

A tribute to Mike by Graham Gaskell.
Mike joined the Radio & Television section in 1984 from the Government Training Centre in Hyde where he was in charge of Electronic Servicing. He was well known to the Openshaw Staff and he provided the College with lots of evening students and always made sure he kept up to date with their progress. After joining the staff as a lecturer he very quickly became popular within the section due to his willingness to offer help and support wherever possible. During lunch breaks he would spend many an hour producing lesson plans and handouts for the various courses the department was running at the time, rather than relaxing in the staff room. Hence the reason for some of the college staff to say “Mike who?”. In the 1980s it was obvious that Radio & Televisions were getting more reliable and the section needed to diversify into other areas. The two areas selected were video surveillance and hands-on practical for students doing degree courses. Mike opted for hands-on practical and devised some excellent programmes and booklets. The College then went out to Manchester University and Manchester Polytechnic to offer these courses and was successful with both establishments. The feedback from both institutions was excellent and the students themselves thought it very rewarding. After lots of wrangling regarding costings, as the College wanted the full HE rate and the universities wanted to pay the top FE rate, both courses were taken in-house where I am sure Mike’s schemes are still being used. During his time at Openshaw Mike also worked for the Electronics Examination Board as an external examiner, he was known throughout the NW colleges and training providers as someone they could look to for advice. He also pioneered the microwave servicing safety course, which was later adopted by Sharp Electronics as a standard requirement.   Mike left Openshaw and went to Trafford College in 1999 but still remained an Openshaw person. Such that in his final days he wrote a note to say that he was unable to attend the “old boys dinner”, of which he was a regular, and I quote from his note “… and so getting to know you all, over the years we spent teaching classes, was a privilege for me. I would say how proud and pleasurable these years have been.” Graham Gaskell

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