A tribute to Ray Mackey
by Roy Perrin.
Ray joined the staff of the college shortly after I did in 1960. We very soon became good friends and I learned to respect Ray's knowledge and teaching expertise. He was a radio specialist and one of the old school in putting the interests of his students first, above all else. We often worked together developing ideas for introducing new laboratory work and testing them out. During his National Service he served as a radar technician working mainly on Vulcan bombers, so if you ever see one of these in a display think of Ray, he probably worked on it. A tale he loved to tell which amused us all was that at the time of his call up, as he had dual British and American citizenship, he had the choice of enlisting in the British or American forces. At an interview with an American officer he asked where he would be demobbed if he joined the American army, England or the U.S.A.? When he was told the U.S.A. he replied, "In that case I will not bother, I will join the British forces". This was the time when thousands were desparate to get into the States and I believe that the look on the Yank's face was a picture. That was Ray all over. I shall miss him very much,it was a privilege to work with him.

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