Roy Perrin 1931 - 2015.

A tribute to Roy by Bryan Titchett.
A tribute to a true and valued friend. Many years ago Roy and I were GPO Telephone Engineers in Telephone House, Chapel St Salford. During that period the operators including my wife, always thought of him as a really pleasant gentleman. In 1968 I joined the Telecommunication Staff at OTC and renewed my acquaintance with Roy and his family. I spent 14 very informative years in the company of Roy and our mutual friend Ray Mackey in a small office. Roy was an inspiration to me and other members of the staff. He had a calm, unruffled demeanor and was able to solve any staffing problem and was a great help in advancing my career. Having worked with some of his students Roy was very much respected and without doubt a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher. Roy and his team organised the much appreciated, enjoyable and memorable Reunion dinners at the College. His presence will be sorely missed . During my long retirement of 33 years, Roy has been a wonderful friend. Thanks for the memories, Roy. Bryan Titchett .

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