Staff Reunion December 2015.
The Christmas reunion at the Bistro on the Openshaw site was very successful with 29 staff in attendance.

We would like to thank Andrew Foster,  Hospitality Tutor for arranging the event  and  the staff at the Bistro 
for the delightful meal and gracious service.

A special thanks to Lisa  O’Loughlin, Principal of The Manchester College for continuing to contribute to the cost
of our Reunions.


Attended staff.
Peter.Barlow                  Mike.Logan  
David.Botham                  Bill.McGuffie               
Bill.Burgess                  David.McKee                 
Joe.Cieszynski                Ian.Miller
Peter.Darlington              Cliff.Mooney 
Bill.Delaney                  Peter.Mooney
David.Fox                     Bob.Prest 
Dennis.Gaskell                John.Pritchard  
Graham.Gaskell                Peter.Smith
Alan.Harding                  George.Taylor               
David.Hayward                 Bill.Thompson
Jim.Hill                      Alan.Whitehead
Kevin.Holmes                  Derek.Wood
Leighton.Hughes               Roger.Wood 


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