Staff Reunion June 2013.
We are now in our 20th year of staff reunions,which originally started at Harry Ramsdens, Quay St.
It was organized by George Ratcliffe after the mass exodus from the College due to the reorganization in the 1990s.
Some of our original stalwarts are now having difficulties having had to move away to be nearer their families 
or having health problems which prevent them from attending. 
So it was decided that we would start writing a short report of the reunion dinner.

Twenty nine staff members attended the dinner with apologies from four suffering from falls, operations, etc.
We welcombed one new member, Dennis Gaskell. The meal, together with the wine, was superb and the service was excellent.
There was plenty of general banter between the tables, for instance we all had difficulty in remembering the name of the
member of staff who was a football league referee, who was the member staff who played rugby for Wales, where is the man
in the white suit that tells jokes and the man who was very happy bragging about Welsh rugby.

After the meal Roy Perrin thanked the College staff for their support and reminded all present that we were not just
work colleagues but more like family.

Just a special mention of Honorary President, Joe Rackstraw who was recently in hospital. Joe always manages to attend
even though he his now 93 years of age and who in the past has come back from holiday to attend the function.

Jack Redston also thanked those that sent cards and visited him in his recent hospitalisation.

We regret to mention that Eddie Scragg passed away in February 2013.

Finally we owe our thanks to the Deputy Chief Executive & Principal of the Openshaw Campus Jack Carney for continuing
contribution of half the cost of the dinner and also, as ever, to Roy Perrin for organising and arranging the reunion
with the College Bistro management.   

The names of those attending are shown below.   

P Barlow                I.Miller            
D.Botham                C.Mooney  
W Burgess               P.Mooney         
H Burgoyne              J.Owen
J Chatterton            M.Perkin
W.Delaney               R.Perrin 
D.Gaskell               J.Pritchard    
G Gaskell               J.Rackstraw            
J Hill                  J.Redston
K Holmes                P.Smith
L.Hughes                W.Thompson
J.Joseph                B Titchett
M Logan                 A.Whitehead 
D Marsland              D.W.Wood

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