Staff Reunion June 2015.
Staff Reunion 11th June 2015

Another successful reunion with 27 staff enjoying a splendid lunch at the Bistro East.

Since our last reunion we were sorry to hear the loss of Roy Perrin. 
Besides being a superb and  friendly colleague, Roy was a great stalwart of our  reunions,
organising the dates with the College Bistro and contacting staff.
He suffered for several years with Parkinsons, culminating with two broken hips.
He will be sadly missed at our reunions.

We also heard rather belatedly that another supporter of our reunions,  
Arnold Powell passed away last year.

Our thanks to Jonathan Turtle at the Bistro East for arranging the event 
and trainee staff for making the reunion a memorable and enjoyable 
affair. We would also like to thank the Principal of the College Lisa 
O'Loughlin for continuing to subsidise the cost of the reunion meals.

Graham Gaskell suggested with the passing of Roy we needed to have an 
honorary Chairman of the reunion. Derek Wood another dedicated supporter 
of the reunions with a very long career at the college kindly agreed to 
be appointed. He gave a short speech about the old college days and 
thanking all who attended the reunion. Derek unfortunately has not been 
too well lately so we would  like to wish him a speedy recovery.

Staff attending 
P.Barlow                   B.McGuffie
D.Botham                   D.McKee 
B.Burgess                  I.Miller
J.Chatterton               C.Mooney
B.Delaney                  P.Mooney
D.Gaskell                  J.Owen 
G.Gaskell                  J.Pritchard   
J.Hill                     P.Smith
A.Hoey                     P.Stansbie 
K.Holmes                   W.Thompson 
L.Hughes                   B.Titchett 
J.Joseph                   D.Wood
M.Logan                    R. Wood 

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